AOF FARM LAUNCH 21/11/2020–18:00 UTC

AOF farm rewards will begin on 21/11/2020 - 18:00 UTC

The farm will become active and begin accepting deposits and paying rewards. Get your AOF ready for staking!

What is AOF and where do I get it?

AO Farming - Liquidity Mining

Users who add liquidity to the AOF pool can increase their rewards through Liquidity Farming!

66% of AlmostOne (AO) supply is locked in the farming contract. Users can progressively unlock this AO by periodically clicking the “Claim” button to get the accumulated profit.

To be able to claim AO rewards, users need to stake their AOF tokens for a selected period of time:

- 3 months

- 6 months

- 12 months

To stake, users lock their AOF for 1/3 of the selected period:

1 month — 3 months contract

2 months — 6 months contract

4 months — 12 months contract

Users can not withdraw their AOF during the lock period, after it has elapsed, there’s a penalization period:

15% Penalization when withdrawing in the second third of the contract’s duration:

2nd month — 3 months contract

3rd to 4th months — 6 months contract

5th to 8th months — 12 months contract

10% Penalization when withdrawing in the last third of the contract’s duration:

3rd month — 3 months contract

5th to 6th — 6 months contract

9th to 12th months — 12 months contract

When the contract duration is over, users can remove their AOF without a fee.

Fees paid by early unstakers will be distributed to the rest of Liquidity Providers in AOF, increasing their share % of the total pool. Due to these fees, a user might end up withdrawing more AOF than he initially deposited, even during the penalization phase.

This system is designed to build and maintain long-term liquidity and penalize weak-hands while adding a rewarding incentive for long-term holders.

How are rewards calculated?

Rewards increase on every block for farmers, they are calculated using this formula:

Rewards = StakedAOF * blocks / Difficulty

Each contract has a different difficulty, paying more rewards for the longer term contracts.

3 month = 1x rewards

6 month = 1.25x rewards

12 month = 1.5x rewards

How to claim rewards?

Connect your wallet and click on “Claim”, confirm the transaction and you will receive all pending rewards.

How to stake?

You will need to connect your wallet (Metamask) to execute these operations:

Approve your AOF to be transferred to the farm

2º Select amount and duration and Deposit AOF in the farm

How to withdraw?

1º Select amount and duration and Withdraw AOF from the farm.